St. Martha’s Spiritual Fellowship

St. Martha’s Group met on Sunday, 11th February at 12:30pm in St. Francis Assisi Hall (Basement Hall) for a social fellowship, followed by a session on spiritual guidance.

The women watched a documentary on the life of St. Damien, Friend of the Lepers. This coincided with the Sunday Gospel reading where Jesus declares that he wishes to heal the leper who asked for healing. In those times, a leper had to be ostracized and created isolation. Sin, in our lives too, isolates us from the love of God. Only God’s mercy can gives us the peace and belongingness that we seek from Christ. The season of Grace (Lent) is a good time for us to recognize our shortcomings and sin that draws us away from God. We ask Jesus to heal us of this isolation.

St. Martha’s Group is for the women of the parish. The group meets every second Sunday of the month after the 11am Mass. The purpose is to offer women a space within the FCC to further deepen their spirituality and social bonds based on the Gospel values.

If you would like to be a part of this group, please email Caji at and you will be added to the group’s mailing list.