Above is the list of currently scheduled events for this Lent. Please note that we are still considering adding some other studies or gatherings depending on social distancing regulations and volunteer leaders. Below are several resources to help you navigate your spiritual growth this Lent. Take a look at the inspirational quotes in the calendar below to get you started each day of Lent.

Lenten Readings

During Lent be sure to take time to meditate on God’s word and allow Him to speak to your heart through daily Bible readings. Here are lists of daily Bible readings and Psalms. Don’t rush through these readings each day but take time to read, reflect, and pray. Spend time thinking about how Jesus might be calling you through these readings. How might He be asking you to change this Lent? Take some time to meditate and do some journaling. Find it hard to focus? Try journaling through drawings or coloring books. If you pray the rosary, break up the decades with the readings and focus your rosary prayers on your reflections.

Studies for Reflection

Another Resource for reflections for Lent is the booklet Coming Back to Life from the Pastoral Center. This booklet has simple stories from everyday life for reflection on each day of Lent. There is an action to take each day and a prayer. This booklet will give us courage as we come out of the pandemic and reenter our parish life. The reflections refresh our souls as we commit to living a more fully Christian life engaging our communities and the work we are called to do. This gallery below contains the individual pages, but the booklet form can be downloaded from here.

We also have other booklets available for download upon request. Around the Lenten Circle uses the Sunday readings for the basis of faith-sharing in groups. This resource provides thoughts of the weekly readings and questions for discussion. Opening and closing prayers are suggested to help round out your sessions. In addition, we can also offer a resource for a retreat aimed at women, Know Chocolate for Lent . Using video clips from the movie Chocolat and this booklet, the program looks to explore how chocolate is produced and how in a similar process we grow as Christians. Like in the movie the making and giving of chocolate are part of the process of giving oneself to others. In a similar way, we remake and give of ourselves during Lent. Both of these resources require permission to open the files.

Reflections for Reconciliation

In preparation for the Day of Penance on April 14th, Wednesday, we are offering different versions of the Examination of Conscience and an article on going to Confession. This year take time to truly reflect on your life, behavior, and goals before going to Confession. Don’t wait until just before the day to reflect, but set some goals for yourself concerning what you would like to change to do better in your life. You can find other versions of the Examination of Conscience on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website. There is one for children if your child will be having their First Reconciliation this spring.


Also, don’t forget to stop by the parish and pick up your donation box for CARITAS Japan. There is an explanation of how this Catholic charity uses its yearly collections to support those in need here in Japan and abroad. This year we will have a special basket up front in the sanctuary for donations to CARITAS. You may place your donations there as well.