The liturgy of the Word for Children takes place every Sunday during the 11 am Mass. After the Opening Prayer, the celebrant hands over the lectionary to the adult who will assist with this rite. Children come to the front of the altar to be accompanied by the adult to go to a different room outside the Main Chapel. We ensure that your child is in a safe environment during this time.

Your child will reflect upon the Gospel for that day through songs, activities and prayers. They will begin to understand and love Jesus’ teaching in very simple ways. Your child will return to the Main Chapel during the preparation of the gifts.

The Liturgy of the Word for Children is not “Sunday school” or a catechism class. Rather, the Liturgy of the Word for Children is a part of the Mass just as it is for adults.

Parents or care-givers are welcome to join in. Children from ages 5 to 13 are eligible. You need to register your child by completing the Children’s Ministry Form

If you have the calling to help our children with understanding the Word of God through the Children’s Liturgy please contact Caji at