“Jesus, my most perfect model, with my eyes fixed on You, I will go through life in Your footsteps, adapting nature to grace, according to Your most holy will and Your light which illumines my soul, trusting completely in Your help.” Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska

Members of the Prayer Circle undertake to bring to God the intentions of others in their prayers. Founded in 1997 by former FCC parishioner Susan Vavra, the group now has members all over the world.

How it works

About every three weeks members are invited to send in prayer requests for themselves, family, friends and other parishioners. These are compiled and distributed, together with reflections and additional prayers.

“In the beginning there is a prayer sequence to say, then the requests, and at the end one Our Father. So it is very simple,” says ministry coordinator Leila Plante.

“The Prayer Circle is a wonderful group. It helps me to persist in prayers, especially at times when I don’t always feel like praying,” Leila adds. “Reading all the requests, you realize that there are always difficulties worse then your own, you realize then that your problems are not that bad after all, and it helps alleviate your burden a little bit.”

For more information, contact Leila at chezleila.marcel@googlemail.com