Our faith is based on the Scriptures and we believe that Christ is present when they are proclaimed and listened to with faith. Our lectors at Mass fulfil an essential role. 

Lectors will be provided with a monthly schedule in an editable Google document, enabling them to sign up for the Masses they wish to read. Subsequently, they are expected to participate in a preparatory meeting in advance of their scheduled Mass. These meetings take place every Wednesday at 7pm and every Saturday at 2pm. At these gatherings, lectors unite in prayer and contemplation, focusing on the scriptures they are soon to proclaim. Utilizing the ambo as a sacred space, lectors engage in purposeful practice, emphasizing a spiritual connection to the text. This ensures that, when they ultimately deliver the scriptures, the intended meaning is conveyed with depth and authenticity.

If you feel that you have a calling to be a Minister of the Word and are confident to proclaim to the congregation, you surely could help our community as a lector. For more information, email Caji at fccpastoral@gmail.com