Homeless Outreach

The Homeless Outreach program prepares and serves onigiri (rice cakes) 365 days a year to the homeless living in Shibuya-ku. The program has operated continuously for over 30 years.

This program is operated by people who volunteer their time. It unites people from all walks of life, religions and backgrounds for an hour of fellowship to make food which sustains the men and women in Shibuya who otherwise would go without. Some volunteers come from corporations, schools, charitable organizations and other churches; others are unaffiliated Tokyo residents and visitors.

How it works

Teams of volunteers make the onigiri in the FCC kitchen every morning, and others distribute the food at 5 am the following day at a location in Shibuya where recipients line up to receive it.

In addition to donations of volunteer time, our program also relies on financial donations from those in the Tokyo community, friends of the FCC and parishioners to purchase the necessary supplies. Our annual budget is approximately 2.5 million yen ($25,000). Dollar donations made to the Friends of the Franciscan Chapel Center qualify for charitable donation tax status in the United States. See details below.

Funds designated for the Homeless Outreach/Rice Program are kept separate and not used for religious purposes. We do not evangelize or attach any religious articles or prayers to our work. We simply feed the poor and interact with them daily as a gift with no strings attached.

If you would like to help prepare or deliver the onigiri please contact Katherine Hall at fccriceprogram@gmail.com.


Please mark donations as intended for Homeless Outreach.

Donations in yen can be made to this account:

Mizuho Bank (Roppongi Branch)
Franciscan Chapel Center
Account no: 2947405 Regular

Donations in U.S. dollars:

Friends of FCC
Webster Bank, N.A.
City Place II
185 Asylum St.
Hartford, CT 06103-1196
Tel: 860-692-1451

Friends of the Franciscan Chapel Center
Account No: 0010538016
Routing No: 510010101