Our acolytes are parishioners who have reached the age of maturity and assist the priest at Mass and other liturgical sacred rites.

Acolytes prepare the altar and the sacred vessels before Mass. They take part in the entrance procession with the priest, as a crossbearer or a thurifer. In the absence of altar servers, they set up the altar during the preparation of the gifts. They assist the Priest to receive the host and the wine. The acolyte presents the thurible to the Priest and assists him while he incenses the offerings, the cross, and the altar. Then the acolyte incenses the Priest and the people.

We have regular orientation sessions for our acolytes to gain a more in depth insight into the meaning of the Holy Eucharist in our lives and of their role.

We are eager to have you join our existing group of acolytes. There is no upper age limit to be an acolyte. We ensure our acolytes are able to serve us within a safe environment.

Do you want to help the community as an acolyte? Email fccpastoral@gmail.com