Prepare for Mass with today’s Bible readings from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

We are all called to be saints: Read up on the saint of the day from Franciscan Media.

For information about the Church in Japan, have a look at the websites of the Catholic Archdiocese of Tokyo and the Franciscan Province of Japan. And check out the international site of the Franciscans, Ordo Fratrum Minorum.

Hear Fr. Donnon Murray’s reflections on his 57 years in Japan in this video. He discusses evangelization, marriage and the family, and the Christian attitudes he finds from many Japanese people, whether they are Christian or not. This fine video was produced by a parishioner in 2016.

You are invited to consider joining St. Anthony’s Guild, which aims to show that love at work makes a difference. And the Franciscan Missionary Union of Holy Name Province was founded in the 1920s to help support and promote the missionary activity of the friars.

News agencies

Union of Catholic Asian News is the leading independent Catholic news source in Asia. A network of journalists and editors that spans East, South and Southeast Asia, UCAN has for more than three decades provided news, features, commentary and analysis on issues that relate to the Catholic Church in Asia. You’ll find videos of Fr. Bill Grimm’s homilies on that website, subtitled in local languages.

Catholic News Service is the news agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. CNS aims to report the news as it affects Catholics in their everyday lives. It also offers a ratings system for current movies, which may help you decide whether to view a film or skip it.

And the writers at Crux post excellent articles about current trends in the Catholic Church. Editor John Allen is known for his incisive writing and unpicking of complex stories.

Other resources

The Sunday Reflections of Fr. Nathan Mamo STL, a diocesan priest working in Nevada, cover the full three years of the liturgical cycle.

Check out the resources offered by Loyola Press, which we at the FCC use as a source for some of our teaching aids. And there’s RCL Benzinger for Catholics who want to study the Catechism and other subjects on their own.

Finally, Through the Franciscan Lens is a visual presentation that gets the viewer to reflect on the world in a Franciscan Way. As a follower of St. Francis, Bro. Octavio often wondered how St. Francis could have been so touched by the world around him.